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Step out of the hectic, hassled and hurried world into the serene session of

therapeutic massage. At InTouch Well-Being Massage, we pride ourselves on keeping in touch with your needs by using a balance of muscular therapy, energy work, yoga and meditation to enhance your well-being and quality of life.


Take care of your physical and emotional well-being through massage, Reiki and meditation.




Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

"My life as a seven-year-old child brought me to learn the benefits of self-care after my mother got really sick. Being the youngest, I was the one at home with her and we started a daily practice of hand, foot, and scalp massages to help her feel better. Then at twenty-three, through my own series of undiagnosable medical issues, I learned how some of my struggles were from physical injuries, while other parts were emotional traumas. These experiences not only shaped the way I listen to clients, but to this day facilitate the way I work with my clients to this day."

Karen Thompson is an experienced massage therapist with an intuitive whole-body approach.  Karen graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute as a muscular therapist in 1994 completing over 1,375 practice hours in medically based massage therapy. Then opened her full-time practice in 1994. Continuing with post-graduate studies in fibromyalgia, compassionate touch therapy, vibrational medicine, integrated energy therapy, Reiki Master and certified Meridian Hatha Yoga teacher. Since 2006 Karen has studied with “The Heart of the Healer” learning the PMT Peruvian traditions with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Training includes Workshops, Retreats and traveling to Peru to further her knowledge of this healing work.


For 30 years, Karen has prided herself in delivering consistent quality healing to a wide range of clients. She has worked on athletes, office workers, and stay-at-home parents as well as individuals with injuries and illnesses. Her services are not only available in her office - she also delivers care through home visits and hospice work. Working with a chiropractor's office early in her career, help her to use strong assessment skills as she determines how each client’s body may respond the different range of treatments. She then uses a combination of techniques, including both massage, stretching and energy work, to bring significant relief to those who suffer from physical pain or are looking to reduce stress. 

"Life is a journey full of lessons along way. We always need to keep learning and practice what we learn every day."

Recently, Karen underwent a spinal fusion from her T4 vertebrae to her tailbone. She attributes her swift recovery to the combination of massage and physical therapy. She is now working towards developing a post-surgical support group/class for people who need help with lifestyle accountability.

You get so much, when you stay in touch.

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