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Through natural energy work, you will feel a sense of well-being as you begin a journey back to good health.


We provide on-site chair massages that allow employees and staff the opportunity to de-stress and unwind in a comforting environment. Massages concentrate on the arms, neck, shoulders and back regions. Relax in our portable massage chair, where you will lean into the chair with your face resting in the cradle and arms on comfortable supports, allowing you to fully enjoy the massage experience.

On-site Chair Massage

In Touch Well Being specializes in providing the best massage experience with experienced, licensed massage therapists. Whether you are planning for a wellness fair, event, or just a surprise perk for your employees, we would be happy to help with massage services. Let us take care of your employees and provide the best chair massages, at your chosen location.


​​If you are interested, please contact our office to schedule a day event.

$95 per hour

You get so much, when you stay in touch.

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