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I have benefited in many ways from being a patient of In Touch Therapy! Karen seems to work magic for both my physical and psyche! As a drummer of a swing band, I find that after sessions with Karen, I can play with much more fluidity and ease.

As a songwriter and producer, her sessions clear my mind and allow me to focus on the artistic development of my projects.

I can attest to the fact that my mix downs are far superior when I have had a session!

I plan to be a member of Karen’s lucky customer base for many years to come!

Mark Bryant
Sea Sound Studios 
Producer, Lonesome Jukebox

Facing the pressure of the April 15 tax filing deadline, the staff of Gray, Gray & Gray, Certified Public Accountants, received a nice surprise: a relaxing massage. Karen Thompson of In-Touch Well Being of Norwood treated hardworking staff members of the Westwood accounting firm to complimentary chair massages just a few days before the filing deadline.

Gray, Gray & Gray is very involved in charity and community work. We thought it would be nice to give something back to them. Karen spent four hours at the Gray, Gray & Gray offices in Westwood, working out the kinks for dozens for the firms CPAs.


It was a wonderful treat, and very much unexpected,

Karen helped put us all in a better frame of mind at a time that is usually very stressful.

Janet Ouellette
Westwood, MA

I am an Army veteran who returned from service in Iraq with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a component of my treatment plan, I incorporated therapeutic massage with Karen at In-Touch Well Being. Her deft touch produced immediate results. Severe, chronic muscle tension was transformed into relaxation. She worked on muscles I didn’t know I had. I began a regimen of one-hour sessions once a week and was rewarded with feeling more relaxed, more energetic and less stressed.

In addition to her massage skills, her energy healing is extremely calming. Karen and I formed an immediate rapport which allowed her to share her healing touch and remove some of the emotional distress I felt.

I could immediately tell a difference in Karen’s work from any other massage I had experienced.

After only a few months, my massage regimen, in concert with my other therapy, reduced my PTSD symptoms dramatically. While I still occasionally have some symptomatic events, my clinical scores for PTSD have dropped significantly. I would recommend that any veteran suffering from PTSD or anyone with a stressful life, incorporate regular massage into their recovery plan. I would also encourage them to seek out Karen at In-Touch and experience her healing energy massage.

Karen’s work on my muscles and spirit has improved my life.

Thomas S.
Norwood MA

I’ve been receiving services from Karen since hip replacement in '06. The nurse who gave me Reiki at New England Baptist referred me to Karen, having trained her. Karen is so accommodating, treating me at home after both my replacements.

Her hands know just what the body needs. We often dissolve into laughter when she successfully transports me out of

stress mode. At the session's end, I feel as though I'm levitating several inches off the table.

Give her a heads up if you want complete silence during your session. :--).

Nancy Davis
Norwood, MA

Some people become a beacon of hope in our lives. They help us discover that the sharing of feelings and ideas connects us all, and they give us reason to believe. This is how I see Karen Fleming. I have listened to Karen speak about different ways to help me for about 6 months now, and each time I see her I am thankful.  She speaks from her heart with passion and uses all the knowledge she has learned to really reach her clients. I walk away with so much more understanding of myself.

Thank you, Karen, for everything you have given me.

Michael K.
Easton, MA

Fabulous! That's how I feel after Karen gives me a massage and is the reason I have been her client for twenty-three years.

She addresses every ache and pain. She alleviates my stress. She embraces a holistic approach to wellness,

so I always get helpful advice and suggestions that enable me to keep my feeling of well- being.

At the conclusion of her healing work, I feel totally renewed. She is really quite special! 

Toby Orel
Canton, MA

I’ve been seeing Karen in Norwood for almost 2 years now.
My sister in law has been seeing her for years and told me about her.
What a gift!
She has a tremendous amount of experience and training in massage and energy work and yes———her hands are incredible.
Her passion for the work she does is contagious. She seems to really enjoy getting to know her clients and I always feel she is truly listening to my needs.
When I compare Karen to other massages I’ve had in the past at Massage Envy
I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have found her. She’s a true healer!
Karen is worth every penny and her prices are really fair and reasonable when you realize what you are getting.
Think about opening yourself up and allowing this woman into your life and you won’t regret it.

Phyllis Christos

I have been receiving massage from Karen for over 18 years. For Relaxation massage for Stress relief - Deep tissue/Sports massage for injuries or to release chronic tension and pain in the muscles and soft tissue. She has the experience and the Touch to know exactly what I need to resolve my problems. She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. Her energy work is incredible. I always leave feeling so much better.!!

Charles M.

You get so much, when you stay in touch.

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