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When’s the last time you had a massage? If you think massages are all about indulgence, think again! Regularly-scheduled massages have plenty of benefits for your mind and body. As spring rolls in, it’s even more important to tune physical and mental aspects into each other to live your best life.

Here Are Six Ways You Can Benefit From A Massage This Spring!

1. Get ready for sports

If you hid away next to the fire over winter, it’s time to thaw out with spring. Get back on track

whether you’re playing team sports or want to finally run in that marathon. With all that

training though, you need to keep muscles in tip-top shape. A massage before your exercise can prevent injures while after sports, it can help you recover more quickly.

2. Relieve pain and stiffness

The colder weather definitely leaves many people with pain and stiffness. You can move more fluidly and enjoy a more active lifestyle when you schedule a massage. This boosts circulations and flexibility to help you move the way you want to.

3. Find allergy relief

Raise your hand if you have spring allergies! That warmer weather surely is a treat, but for

many, it can cause misery in the form of runny noses, watery eyes, and itchy throats. Believe it or not, massages can tap into hidden sources of the body, sending relief right away through

natural practices.

4. Improve your mood

Get back to your usual self after the SAD from winter. With massage, it increases dopamine and serotonin which both stabilize mood. You’ll feel cheerier and optimistic after each session!

5. Leave stress behind

While massage is great in any season to kick stress and anxiety to the curb, in spring it’s even more important. Mental Health Week is in May, making for another strong case as to why you should take care of your mind with a meaningful massage.

6. Increase your energy

Winter can make even the most energetic people feel lethargic. But after a massage, you’ll feel that energy and be ready to take on anything. You’ll enjoy better circulation and more oxygen going through your body which makes the mind feel energized too.

No need to go away to get rejuvenated a massage is a call away.

Call 781-769-2710 or email for an appointment.


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